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Passivae® · Self-employed
May 2023 - Present
London, United Kingdom · Remote


Ream International · Self-employed
Apr 2023 - Present
London, United Kingdom · Remote

With vast international talent acquisition experience across numerous sectors, Shay is a recognized global talent acquisition expert and founder of Passivae, a consultancy optimizing talent acquisition methods.

Skilled in streamlining global talent acquisition and spearheading the launch in new international markets.

Enhancing companies' employer brand and leveraging technology for accelerated growth and employee advancement.

Shay Ijaz's
latest achievments

Join Shay Ijaz, Passive's dynamic CEO and founder, on her mission to redefine recruitment and forge enduring partnerships. Her potent strategy is to focus on each hire, foster robust relationships, champion diversity, and relentlessly strive for excellence.

Consolidated revenues resulted in $1.05 billion

I led our HR and Recruitment team to achieve consolidated revenues of $1.05 billion through strategic talent acquisition and development efforts.

Consolidated revenues of $1.19 billion

By embracing innovative HR technologies and fostering a culture of collaboration, I helped drive consolidated revenues to reach $1.19 billion.

Consolidated revenues of $1.25 billion

Despite challenges, I adapted our recruitment strategies, leveraged digital solutions, and achieved consolidated revenues of $1.25 billion.

Consolidated revenue of $1.409 billion

Through data-driven insights and strategic partnerships, I successfully led our team to a consolidated revenue of $1.409 billion.

Ericsson acquires Vonage for 6.2 billion to establish a global open innovation network

In a bold move for global innovation, I spearheaded the acquisition of Vonage by Ericsson for $6.2 billion, propelling our organization to new heights.

Energized for Growth: Open to Dynamics Projects

Keen to contribute to groundbreaking projects with companies that prioritize both expansion and the cultivation of talent.
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