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Modern employment models offer increased flexibility, reducing reliance on conventional 9-to-5 jobs for a livelihood.


Our independent recruiters create and grow invaluable passive talent communities for companies seeking a more cost-effective and embedded hiring process.
Upgrade your recruitment process with Passivae, the go-to platform for managing passive talent communities. Invite candidates to create and manage their profiles, fostering a transparent and user-friendly experience.
Harness your talent pool, engage with potential candidates, and simplify your recruitment. Join Passivae today for a smarter, faster approach to recruiting.


Community of Founders, Investors, Advisors and Strategic Partners by Accelerating Growth Through Peer Collaboration
Ream International is an exclusive, paid membership platform connecting disruptive founders with a diverse network of peers, advisors, and strategic professionals. We offer a centralized hub for idea exchange and partnership formation.
Our community is focused on fostering mutual growth and success in the entrepreneurial journey. Whether seeking seasoned advice, strategic alliances, Ream International is your key to a world of growth opportunities.

Strategic Partnership & Advisory

Shay Ijaz's network boasts prominent strategic partnerships and advisory roles, connecting diverse sectors and fostering collaborative growth. These alliances span various industries, promoting multi-dimensional development. Advisory roles within this network provide critical insights on business strategies, enabling a vibrant hub of mutual growth and industry innovation.